Traditionally, the term “market” generally refers to a place where the buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods and services.

The market is a common term, which is known to everyone, however, depending on the goods quantity handled, there’re a wholesale market and retail markets.

In modern concept, the term “market” actually has a broader meaning. This refers to sets or collection of the actual and potential buyers of the products and services.

There’re different categories of marketing, however, there are 2 main sectors, first being traditional marketing and second, being digital marketing.

Here, we are going to discuss both these methods in complete details.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing – Which One Will Be More Beneficial For Your Business

What’s Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing generally refers to the conventional methods of the marketing that was used since concepts of the marketing or advertisements came into existence.

Such type of advertising generally focuses on reaching the target audience via Magazines, Newspapers, Television, Radio, Billboard advertising on the roads or highways and many more.

For good understanding, traditional marketing is categorized into two categories:

  1. Above the Line or ATL including mass media such as Television, Radio, and newspapers and more.
  2. Below the Line or BTL including the use of direct channels such as catalogs, telemarketing, sponsorships, magazines, and more.

What’s Digital Marketing?

Online or Digital marketing is a marketing method of the global village that in this period of the internet can have its major influence in each realm of life.

Today digital marketing world continues to evolve till the technology continues advancing.

Digital Marketing is one kind of inbound marketing whose aim is to let the customers reach you out.

Business puts ads or contents to let individuals find them. This promotion will be achieved by the paid search, organic online search, and more.

So, more they will see your content or ads, more they will get familiar with your business or brand and eventually the trust will build up with your business or brand.

Digital marketing will include certain platforms like:

  • Promotional Ads through emails
  • Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Clickbait links for the viral contents.
  • Paid pop-ups

Benefits of Digital Marketing over the Traditional ones:

Decreased Cost: Television ads, newspaper ads, and another cost very much, while digital advertising that young entrepreneurs will afford & save up the funding.

It helps to expand the scope of the business across boundaries of finance and age.

High Engagement: traditional marketing is the long & tedious process as you can’t interact with the target audience.

You have to wait for responses so you will plan for the next step. Digital marketing enables you to engage with the audience within real time.

High Exposure: Traditional advertisement is quite limited to some locality while digital advertisement reaches to the whole world so, at the end of a day, you miss out on nothing.

Non-intrusive: Traditional Marketing has more chances to get ignored as people buying newspapers don’t buy this for ads in it and ones buying the magazine for contents in it or not for ads. While with digital advertising, people will choose what they see.


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